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Real Estate Merger & Management Sweden AB (R.E.M.M. Sweden AB) is a Swedish real estate company, based in Stockholm. We buy office real estate in "inom tullarna" in Stockholm.

R.E.M.M. Sweden AB has a partnership agreement with the German company

R.E.M.M. Real Estate Merger & Management Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH in Berlin.

This allows R.E.M.M. Sweden AB to readily deploy capital on short notice, and to behave like an all-equity-buyer.

This financial set-up increases the transaction speed substantially and allows us to close deals in as little as 10 banking days.  

Since 2021, R.E.M.M. Sweden AB placed bids on commercial real estate in Stockholm in excess of 1 billion SEK. Given the elevated price levels and volatility of the past 2 years, non of these biddings resulted in the purchase of a building.

Since February 24th 2022 the macro economic conditions are having a strong impact on the previously elevated price levels.

R.E.M.M. Sweden AB continues to explore opportunities on the Stockholm real estate market.

R.E.M.M. Sweden has a team of external professionals in the fields of legal, technical and financial real estate due diligence. This allows us to move fast when conducting due diligence on possible transactions.

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Real Estate Merger & Management Sweden AB

Strandvägen 7A, 11451 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 70 445 74 49

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